Reflections and Affirmations

Reflections and Affirmations is a series of personal paintings that address two elements –

  1. Reflections: my constant nature to reflect about myself internally and externally through dreams and thoughts.
  2. Affirmations: my newly conditioned way of believing and seeing to better my self and my emotional well being.

As I am a typical Pisces I am the constant day dreamer and look beyond to find peace and clarity in who I am.

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Head in the Clouds, 2016
Her Quiet Passion, 2016

Autumn reminders.

I’m loving the autumn colours! I get so inspired by mother nature.
The transition of life, the transition of colours….

Change can be a beautiful thing, perhaps not at the time of change but once you stand back and can reflect on it. You realise how powerful or significant it is. Change will always happen, in many ways and forms. Sometimes at the time negative, sometimes positive. It can be a struggle to go through the motions. It may feel like the world is against you. A pressure to stay afloat and on top of things to counteract the dynamics of change. Sometimes we resist change, sometimes we don’t want it in our lives. “I’m happy being comfortable!”, “I don’t want to move, it’s nice and cosy here!”.

I’m not going to lie, I have those moments too. I just want to curl up in my be and not go outside. But then when life gets stagnant and boring, what do we do? Change. Really, it’s inevitable.

If we can harness the perspective to take it as it is, and admire it for its powers, I think life will be more fulfilling and more satisfying.

Knowing that change will benefit in the future, – provided there is positive action- should be truly appreciated. We don’t grow if we don’t change!


On the 20th August 2016, I decided to start a well-known Instagram challenge #100daysproject which I named ‘100 days of mini creations‘.  My aim was to create little visual postcards or visual journals that encaptured a significant moment of the day in whatever medium I wish to choose.

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I wanted to maintain a momentum of smaller completed creations that would regardless of whether I felt it was deemed good, unruly or mediocre. The point was to do and do regularly for my own personal development.