Getting help.

I’ve been reading this new kindle book lately called: ‘Make Your Creativity Pay: How to Earn Your Living from the Things You Love to Do’ by Pete Mosley. In one his wise pages, he mentions getting either a coach or mentor and the benefits and differences having one makes.


I’ve never really thought about having a coach or mentor because I thought first I need to do this alone, and figure it all out by myself, to prove some sort of worthiness, I guess. But I find that I’m naturally connecting with people and actually wanting to get their advice on how to do things, and how they have done things as a step towards their right direction – whether it’s emailing artist friends I know or having a quick cup of coffee and a chat.

Recently I’ve been following illustrator and soul guidance coach Hannah Marie Dudley  through her Facebook group as I actually met her funnily enough through a meetup group for creative coaching! There’s a lot of things that I find really true and can resonate with on a deep level and we have so much in common in terms of our goals and our vibes. We both want to help people and use art to do it and both creatives. She also lives in my neck of the woods, so it’s a good start 🙂

I had a short consultation session with her yesterday I’m positive that this is going to be such a great help. She’s got the drive and experience I need to hold me accountable for things which I lack of course. We will be starting our journey now together and I’m so grateful. I feel like this is meant to be! I even started back meditating again this morning (which was one thing on my list to improve)! Yay!

Check out her Facebook group The Freedom Soul Seekers – ‘Awaken the light within’ It has great tips, thoughts, giveaways and a nice community of like minded people to chat with.

I will let you know how it goes 🙂

Peace x

Be honest now.

Earlier on my Facebook Artist Page post, I made some decisions to free up my time a little more and put quality over quantity rather than do a  million things at once – which I always end up doing – because my ambition usually outweighs my skills. Just keeping it real.

fb post

I had to be really honest with myself, which let’s face it, I’m the eternal idealist so this raw honest discussion with myself does escape my reach at times!


I recently watched Shareefa Energy talk about her new poem called ‘Duality’ in which she  talks about her relationship with her poetry and being true to yourself and the journey you take.

“Day in, day out we meet people, people are like ‘yeah, I’m cool, I’m okay’ and nobody really comes with an honesty about how they are feeling.”

When talking about her poetry, she goes on to say:

“It’s about allowing people to resonate with your art…just learning to be more authentic with yourself and with each other…”

“…I’m part of this so called conscious poetry scene or whatever it is, and I think a lot time people like to play it out like we’re all just light…but the reality of us as human beings, we’re very complex…I am sometimes light and I am sometimes dark”.

She’s so right!

I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to establish a style or personal stamp of my artwork that’s true to me and how I am as a person. And it can be kinda daunting at first to really put it out on the line, especially if, like me, you’re still prone to self-criticism, and self-judgement. But then on the flip side, it’s so liberating to finally be like ‘YES, this is me love it or hate it I don’t care!’ There’s a sense of ownership and pride that you’re being real and who ever is interacting positively with you, is genuine.

I also randomly came across this point in a documentary about Eminem of all people where he was commenting on when he first released his debut album ‘Infinite’ and it flopped. He mentions after a lot of style changes and drama going on in his life and talking more about macabre subjects like drug overdoses and not trying to please everyone with what he thinks should be heard, then that’s when people started paying attention to him and taking him more seriously in the hip-hop world:

“It seemed like as soon as I stopped giving a **** about what I was saying, people started giving a ****. It was like a reverse affect, like **** you I don’t care if you like me or not – oh we like you now”.

It’s funny how these things are presenting themselves to me as a sort of signal.

I’ve always been about listening to people’s stories and point of view. And it really does give you motivation and sense of profound depth when Truth is being exposed and presented to you, especially in random ways. I hope I can share my profound truths to, but for now, I’m blogging and trying to show this in my artwork.



Shareefa Energy is a spoken word artist, poet, international woman and facilitator. She currently works with a charity organisation called Stop Watch giving workshops to the community about knowing your rights when being stopped and searched.

Her new single Duality is out now to embrace. Go to or visit her FB page @shareefaenergy and Instagram page @shareefaenergy



Detours can be productive…

‘Blended’ 2010, Mixed Media

A delightful discovery whilst roaming the social media fields, a detour actually.

Introducing April Harrison
I really like the energy that she’s used in this painting- peaceful, solemn, warm and humble. What looks like a  mother almost falling asleep due to the hardships of raising two children, is comforting her children as they are enrapped in their mother’s love in her arms. To me she’s using the term ‘blended’ in the way she has used pattern and texture and the relationship between all of them:intimate. They all seem to have their eyes closed as in the way a person would meditate or pray or just embrace the moment for a few seconds. Or it could be they’re all tired. Either way for me, it’s really humbling to see.




L.A. inspiration

The Californian African American Museum (CAAM) recently had an exhibition called Hard Edged: Geometrical Abstraction and Beyond, which was quite successful in my opinion and probably not highly advertised.  There was a mixed media piece by April Bey which used hair relaxer as part of the narrative closely related to Chris Rock’s ‘Good Hair’ Documentary, which I thought was clever and controversial.



But some of the artists and art work that I took with me (metaphorically speaking) is that by MICHELLE ROBINSON.

‘Moon Guardian 2’, 2015, Acrylic & Gold leaf on Canvas by Michelle Robinson

I love the dialogue of colour, texture and references towards the female form, natural hair and all! It really just emanates a wave of positive and deep, powerful, spiritual energies that really appealing to me. It’s very inspiring as it is a style similar to how I work with paints. I would definitely add it to a collection, if I could afford it….one day 🙂



National Poetry Month

I am inspired by @quartervida for this post to nominate a poet from my hometown London for National Poetry Month!

Her name is Ayo known to most as Golden Blue  (@Goldencoat)

The reason why I have dedicated this post to  her, is not only to share the love, but express the depth of this woman! EVERY TIME I see a post of hers on social media or see her perform on stage (which I admit I need to do more often) I always feel I can connect in such a DEEP and refreshing way. She’s so nutritional in such a soulful spiritual way and she never seists to amaze me by the work she does, either leading intergenerational workshops with youth groups, creative workshops, campaigning with the local community for racial and social solidarity. She’s a poet, musician, sister, teacher, role model, and so much more. (I realise I sound like a commercial advertisement…”and so much more”, HA!)

She really is a force to be reckoned with.

Here is a recent poem of hers, bonne appetite!


“There’s a storm coming in from the west”

The captain just announced it
But at least no one is dead
Touched down on the docks
We’re my ancestors bled

Sure it must have, briefly
Came into our heads
As the landing was aborted
And the plane shook in the wind

As the thick cloud smothered sight
And the seat belts were fastened tight
Allah protect us this night
Let not our fears soar too high

But no one seems too grateful
Or claps for the pilot as we land
People are huffing and puffing
Not seeing greater works at hand

It’s pouring down with dread
And I just left the sunshine
Wishing I’d missed this flight
But knowing it’s all in God’s time

And my minds on other things
On those poor poor people
Whose lives have been snatched
So brutally
Because of this whirlpool of evil

And as the crisp cold air
Touches my face
I think of the slave driver
Who wrote Amazing Grace

The sound is not sweet
The silence is sour
I’m just keeping my eyes
On the final hour…



Thoughts for tomorrow

It’s the first day of 2016 and I’ve watched a couple of reflective vids on Youtube that are just so inspiring.

There was a key quote that David Isay stated in the a TedTalk vid that really touched my heart and it was a simple sentence but has the depth and breadth of our universe:


“Every  single life matters equally and infinitely”


And I thought about it, and its counter arguments like what about the paedophiles and murderers and people who have committed grave acts beyond our moral scope, and even then I thought (not to justify ANY of those behaviours) as a society we have let those, once innocent, people down by not giving the support they needed in the beginning. And you may disagree with me, that’s okay, but the statement still resonates deeply within me (and perhaps a topic of discussion that I could take up at another time).

There’s been much more media coverage on the #BlackLivesMatter campaign as a result of the continuous justice occuring which cannot be tolerated anymore, and it’s not a case of Black people are better, but more so we need to continually prove our worth.

But essentially, spiritually, biologically, technically:


If we, as a community, as a society, a family, a couple, a government or however we identify ourselves as, if we don’t actualise that or realise that quickly and internalise that so we can accept and move on and overrule the majority of the hate and despise people have for one another, then we need to start planning for action. ‘Cause this **** ain’t gon’ last forever.

Just saying.