2020 vision

It’s almost New Year’s Day, and although I’ve given up trying to set New Years resolutions I still like to reflect about the past, the future.

There’s a buzz about 2020, the start of a new decade. Astrology and numerology suggest that it’s a year of big change and the turning point for growth and success for the collective. Big things are going to happen and I believe it.

20/20 is also the number for optometrists when measuring clarity. That’s the ultimate goal isn’t it, having amazingly clear vision. And using that divine vision to push through with big dreams through tenacity and work.

I’ve been really interested in tarot readings recently, especially general free ones on YouTube and learnt so much spiritually and about my self also.

It’s given me a push into trusting God, the universe, spirits, angels, archangels and all the higher powers and so far I’ve seen such a change for the better.

I know I’m guided by higher powers for the interests of myself and for all people on this planet and in this lifetime and the next. The big picture is a lot bigger than I realise. It’s a lot bigger than us humans. It’s indescribable. But I can feel it.

But still there’s some part of me that isn’t letting go of fears. Especially to do with my art. My creativity. What I have to offer. I enjoy a bit of control but it’s killing my creativity. I like who I am now, but I still feel like I’m blocked.

As I go into the new year I want to look, even deeper and trust even harder than ever before and not give up on my dreams. The time is now. This year WILL be a year of fortune success. If I don’t act now I may lose all the hard work I’ve put into myself throughout 2019. And that would be a shame, cos I’ve got all this gold dust sprinkled all in my blood and soul waiting to be released and infused into the world, into the universe.

Don’t give up, girl. Your time is coming very, very soon.

The universe and all the higher powers have your back. So turn around.

And see the magic happen.