Sensing . Sensing. Sensitive. Sense. I sense. I have sense. Does it make sense? Why doesn’t it make sense? How should it make sense?  Does it matter that it doesn’t make sense? Philosophy, Politriks, Anthropology, Culture.

Sense. Sensitivity. Emotion. Caring. Sensing. Tensing. Caressing the tension. Feeling, Feelers, whiskers, feather touch, goose bumps, sensual. Sense-sual. Healing. Feeling, Caring.

Sensitive: Positive. Negative. Empathic. Unstable. Caring too much, Loosing sense…touch. Helping for the greater good.


Featured image:
“Gray Rabbit” by Arti Chauhan


Wait for me!

I feel like life is going lightyears ahead of me as I blink. There’s a few things going on in my life- career, household issues, relationships and it’s all a bit too much sometimes. I always say to myself, it could be worse….a lot worse….so don’t complain at what you do have. and I do stand by that notion. but I want to get to a high standard then just okay. I’ve just had an interview for a tutoring position, and despite feeling my best efforts not to choke on a dry throat due to my nervousness, I still should have done much better. I hope I get that call. Anyways….

I believe that whatever happens, is meant to be, even if it isn’t clear at the time. I must have patience. Easy now.