SE Women’s Creative Circle

In order to get out into the community and connect, I set up a social group called SE Women’s Creative Circle via which is based in the Lewisham area, South East London.

For each meetup session, I aim to firstly have a little catch-up or introduction. I then set a creative task using a range of media from colouring pencils, to collage to journaling to create dialgoue on a deeper level. I want to empower and heal each other even if just for a social reason. There’s also what I call ‘gratitude time’, where we all say something we feel grateful for. Finally we talk about what might happen next session.

So far we have been kindly hosted by Lewisham Arts Cafe by owners Fred and Banu who were delightful and offer their service for free! And also in the With Jam and Bread cafe located on Lee High Road, of which they were also lovely.

***Update Feb 2017: The Meetup group is coming to an end and will stop having events. This isn’t forever and may turn into a new project coming soon! ******* 

You can check out cool activities here!