Train Journey (2016)

For when the rain stains the soul for just a minute,

For when the clouded hues gives off the blues,

And the sensual sunlight that plays ‘peek-a-boo’,

Say it clear,

I am good,

I am kind,

I am love.

[YouTube video available here]   

RABBIT (2016)

Sensing . Sensing. Sensitive. Sense. I sense. I have sense. Does it make sense? Why doesn’t it make sense? How should it make sense?  Does it matter that it doesn’t make sense? Philosophy, Politricks, Anthropology, Culture.

Sense. Sensitivity. Emotion. Caring. Sensing. Tensing. Caressing the tension. Feeling, Feelers, whiskers, feather touch, goose bumps, sensual. Sense-sual. Healing. Feeling, Caring.

Sensitive: Positive. Negative. Empathic. Unstable. Caring too much, Loosing sense…touch. Helping for the greater good.



Breathe in

breathe out,

Absorb in,

nothing out.

Breathe in,

breathe out.

Hold it in,

nothing released.

Breathe in,

breathe out,

Memories sink,

tears out.

Breathe in,

breathe out,

One day,


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