Welcome everyone! I’m Meron and I strongly believe in and passionate about the power of art to heal and to transform. I’ve always been connected to visual art like drawing and painting since I was very young and I’ve always been on a spiritual quest to learn more about myself and to help others (I’m very much a typical introverted empath).

I’m a born and raised Londoner and now a first time mum to my beautiful baby boy!

I would say nature, spirituality, being a mum and my ethnic heritage really inspire my work. I want it to really resonate with other people and have something beautiful and positive to remind us of the nuances of life. We are all human and are looking for a sense of belonging. My home is where the he(ART) is.

I graduated in 2014 from SOAS (as a mature student) with a degree in History of Art, specialising in the visual poetry of three contemporary artists of African descent in migrated communities. Albeit, stressful, I thoroughly enjoyed my degree!

I have completed an introduction to Art therapy course in 2016, worked with children with Autism, volunteered in community arts centres and art education charities assisting with admin and workshops.

I’m now ready to pursue my dreams of becoming an Art therapist whilst also promoting spiritual health.

Md x

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