About Me



My name is Meron.

I’m a twenty something child at heart, born and raised in London, with a passion in the arts, especially visual arts such as paintings and illustrations. Topics in nature, spirituality, humanity and society really inspire me.

I have a BA in History of Art from the School of Oriental and African Studies in Bloomsbury, London, as well as completing Foundation Studies in Art & Design from Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts, London.

My main passion in life is to help others and make a difference by using art as a platform.

I want to be and feel that I am mediator in life, trying to connect resolve issues close to hand such as children’s emotional and psychological health. I am very fascinated in art therapy of which I taken a short introductory course. The world needs healers, and I feel that it is my role to benefit our world.

I would love to collaborate with artists, writers, educators and more and available to create bespoke creations to your liking!

Stay blessed,



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