Her Quiet Passion, 2016


Acrylic on canvas
51 x 51 x 1.5 cm

Her Quiet Passion is a continuation from the previous painting Head in the Clouds (2016), whereby I focused on my frequent reflections in life. It’s a selfie with depth – It draws upon the relationship between the internal and the external: thoughts, feelings and reflections.

So for this one it’s about having a quiet passion. Something deep and intense inside that drives you but expressing it in a subtle way which can mistaken for passiveness. But also not be mistaken for passive aggressiveness. The classic (Transformer) phrase ‘More than meets the eye’ is quite relevant here.

You can see the processes going on shown by the swirls of red, purple and silver colours that move throughout her body. The contrast of colours too by the vibrant blues against the browns and reds give an intensity.

I think being and having a quiet passion is overlooked and underrated. Everyone is different and expresses themselves differently but it’s also what you do that counts.

I invite you to let the colours and the motions activate a part of you and reflect on your strengths of your personality.