No he didn’t…

Donald Trump is now America’s President.


I can’t even.


Say President Trump out loud without a shudder or cringe. I’m not even going to elaborate because most of us decent human beings are going through the same motions and emotions right now.

But what this has made me aware of is the ongoing universal paradigm shift that has been set from the beginning of this year. If I think about all the controversial or surprising series of unfortunate events that have happened, I find that all this will lead to a revolutionary change for the better. I.e. the ongoing deaths of entertainers, the Brexit vote, the cop killings, the Syrian war and now the presidential elect Donal Trump.

There’s a storm brewing in the energies of this world. Not an apocalypse or ending, but a dramatic change that will take effect even stronger in order to bring about the next stages of human evolution. It’s scary, I admit, but there ain’t change with our sacrifice, and there isn’t sacrifice without a cause.


Can anyone hear impeachment on the cards? LOL


M x

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