Thoughts for tomorrow

It’s the first day of 2016 and I’ve watched a couple of reflective vids on Youtube that are just so inspiring.

There was a key quote that David Isay stated in the a TedTalk vid that really touched my heart and it was a simple sentence but has the depth and breadth of our universe:


“Every  single life matters equally and infinitely”


And I thought about it, and its counter arguments like what about the paedophiles and murderers and people who have committed grave acts beyond our moral scope, and even then I thought (not to justify ANY of those behaviours) as a society we have let those, once innocent, people down by not giving the support they needed in the beginning. And you may disagree with me, that’s okay, but the statement still resonates deeply within me (and perhaps a topic of discussion that I could take up at another time).

There’s been much more media coverage on the #BlackLivesMatter campaign as a result of the continuous justice occuring which cannot be tolerated anymore, and it’s not a case of Black people are better, but more so we need to continually prove our worth.

But essentially, spiritually, biologically, technically:


If we, as a community, as a society, a family, a couple, a government or however we identify ourselves as, if we don’t actualise that or realise that quickly and internalise that so we can accept and move on and overrule the majority of the hate and despise people have for one another, then we need to start planning for action. ‘Cause this **** ain’t gon’ last forever.

Just saying.


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