Head in the Clouds, 2016




Acrylic paint on Canvas,
39.5 x 39.5 x 1.5 cm



I originally painted Head in the Clouds  as a reflection of my personal thoughts and feelings. As a creative and as a human being, I will at least once in my day get lost in thoughts. Good thoughts mainly. Sometimes weird and sometimes whimsical.

The light of the blue hues used, with dashes of passionate reds and sunshine yellows sum up a day dreaming quality to me. There’s an airiness as a large proportion of the canvas is blue.

At the bottom of the canvas, there is a figure head with my own distinctive feature – my hair. The space in the head acts like a container for my thoughts, with many colours, many nuances as I reflect.

I invite you to reflect on the painting as well and think positive or weird thoughts that might come into your head and show some gratitude to yourself.